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Chaos. Order. Renewal. CD - *COVID-19 Backorder*


Image of Chaos. Order. Renewal. CD - *COVID-19 Backorder*

Be the first to own a physical CD of our new album "Chaos. Order. Renewal."
Due to the coronavirus crisis, there is a delay in the manufacturing of the album. All those who pre-order will be given a digital copy of the album with physical copies to be shipped out as soon as we receive them.

Track Listing:
1. Rise of Sirius
2. The Rivers of Sand and Blood
3. The Omnipotent
4. Pyramid of Mirrors
5. Unity in Darkness (feat. Angel Vivaldi)
6. The Eye of Ra
7. Bringer of Light

“’Chaos. Order. Renewal’ has something for everyone. Whether you like metal or not, or whether or not you are a musician, the music has elements that anyone can appreciate. It's more aggressive than our previous release but there is still plenty of melody. We cut out the filler and get right to the point on every song. ‘Chaos. Order. Renewal.’ seems to be an appropriate title for the album given the unprecedented circumstances going on in the world right now. Although the music is at times dark and aggressive, we hope it can provide a glimmer of hope and give people a distraction from the never-ending news cycle of doom and gloom.”